Who are we?

WHow much does it cost to ship a car?e are agents for the truck driving network. With a combined 20 yrs of experience in the business the partners of this firm knows how to facilitate in an honest approach the shipping of your vehicle.

Most transport companies are Brokers. According to the Department of Transportation, 98% of truck drivers that physically move your vehicle own and operate 2 or fewer trucks. Truck drivers don’t advertise online, therefore they rely on brokers such as ourselves to fill their trucks with vehicles. All brokers and truck drivers coordinate through the same Central Dispatch board. That being said, our job is to post your vehicle at the most cost effective price to get it picked-up, in the desired time frame you need!.


What do we do?

We specialize in shipping vehicles to and from Hawaii quickly and safely. AAA Transporters committed to the highest standards of service and care to handle your vehicle move.

 Who do we help?

Whomever needs their vehicle shipped! For more than 20 years, AAA Transporters has provided dependable automobile transportation for individuals, military personnel, private corporations, moving & relocation companies, and numerous car dealers nationwide.
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How can you get started?

Dive right in and get a quote! If you’re new to the world of car shipping, take the time to browse our website and learn more about the process of how we ship your vehicle. Or call at Toll Free: 888 889 0939 and speak to one of our friendly customer service agents. Our reputation was built on our high standards of costume AAA Transporters



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