Classic Car Auto Transport

While transporting classic car, enclosed auto shipping service would be best. Enclosed shipping is considered best, because your car can be protected from heat, snow, sun, rain, dust etc. classic cars are mean to be displayed in exhibitions.

How much does it cost to ship a car?

Once the buyer, has purchased the classic car he would think about how to transport the vehicle to his desired destination. In some cases, buyer would pay the cost of his classic car transport, and sometimes the seller of the classic car would include the price of the vehicle transport in the selling price. Buyer can decide the auto shipper by looking online or yellow pages.

Buying a classic car is a hobby to most collectors, thus they have to choose a reputable classic car transporter who will deliver the car without any damage and at the right time.

The older the model, there is more risk attached as the engine might be damaged if you drive the vehicle, so the buyer transports the vehicle. Some popular trailers are six-car enclosed trailers, four car enclosed trailers and tow car non stacking enclosed trailers.

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