Your long distance move is rapidly approaching, and along with the pending date is the stress that comes along with such a large endeavor. You’ve planned for movers to pack your house, now hire professionals to move your car. A reputable car moving company can make this part of the moving process a cinch.

Cost to ship a vehicle across countryIf you’re feeling uneasy about entrusting one of your most prized possessions, as well as your primary mode of transportation to someone else, be assured that shipping your car is virtually hassle free and includes many benefits.The first and most obvious is that you won’t be putting any miles on your own vehicle.This could be critical if you are leasing and have an annual mileage cap.

Another huge benefit is avoiding the unnecessary wear and tear that you car may be subject to. Tire damage and engine overheating are common long haul issues that can be costly once you arrive at your destination and depreciate the car’s overall value. Don’t forget to factor in the gas.

Using an auto shipper eliminates the need to pay for gas for your automobile on a cross country trek – which feels like it costs an arm and a leg these days! Perhaps the most important reason to consider an auto shipper is your personal safety. Driving long distances, alone or with the family, can be dangerous. There are weather conditions to consider, unknown roads and highways, unfamiliar directions, other drivers and exhaustion.

The process of relocation is an unnerving task for most of the people. Moving can be stressful and confusing. The majority of people when moving a car leave it to professionals rather than moving themselves.

We realize the cost to ship a car may appear to be the biggest consideration however please consider what you are facing if you take this shipment on your own

Time is money- When considering the cost to ship a car there are many considerations. When you drive on your car it may appear you will save money however please take into account all of these considerations.

What is your time worth? For example the cost to ship a car across country may be $799 with our company. Your cost can exceed twice this. If you drive the car on your own it may appear to save you money but consider this.

  1. Did you pay yourself?
  2. How much do you earn a week at work for 40 hrs?
  3. Driving across country may take 60 hrs plus.
  4. The Cost of a Motel for several days.
  5. The Cost of food per day.

Mechanical Failure- What if your car breaks down in another state? What costs can you expect with a mechanic shop that you are not familiar with? What delays may you experience in waiting for repairs?

Damage and Theft. – Consider safety issues. A stressed overtired driver is a high accident risk. There is no price on safety.
Passionate to drive- You may not be aware of local jurisdictions when it comes traffic infractions. A speeding ticket in some states is hundreds of dollars and may have to be settled prior to you leaving the state.

Traveling in unknown places- As confident a driver as you may believe you are accidents happen when drivers are distracted. The use of maps, GPS devices, looking and missing signs.

GASOLINE: Gas continues to remain at high levels . 3000 miles at 24 miles per gallon is 125 gallons of gas. @ $3.50 that is over $400 dollars.

TOLLS: Bridges and turnpikes are increasing fees each year not lowering them

MANTENACE ON YOUR CA: Wear and tear. Oil Change- The costs add up!

For the average person devoting a few days or a week or more can be a really difficult commitment to make.

 Cost to ship a vehicle across country

The Cost to ship a car 3000 miles.

A typical Sedan from LA to East Coast.
With AAA Transporters   On your own
One payment
Food 1 person
Oil Change
$ 40
Pay yourself

We believe here at AAA Transporters we are the better option.

Shipping vehicles is what we as an auto transport company does. We do all of our best to make this as simple as possible a process. When you contract with an us to move your car we know our job. We employ drivers that are registered and highly rated companies. Drivers have enough experience in traveling from one jurisdiction to another. Using the federal interstate highway system and all of the rules set by the U.S Department of Transportation (DOT).Relax and rely on a professional company and know that the cost to ship a car is affordable when comparing.We realize that the cost to ship a car for most consumers is the main consideration.

That is why we do our industries best to bring the cost to ship a car within an agreeable expense versus doing it on your own.

When considering auto professionals choose the highest standard in the industry.

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Cost to ship a vehicle across country

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