Shipping a Car That Doesn't Run

Shipping a Car That Doesn't Run

A vehicle that does not run may still be shipped, though there are several factors to consider. Be sure to find out from the auto transport company of your choice that they will ship a vehicle that does not run. Ask them about what options they offer and what charges will be assessed for each option.

Many auto transport companies have guidelines that vehicles have to meet before they can be shipped. These guidelines will apply to a vehicle that does not run, as well. You will need to figure out the pick up and delivery methods for the vehicle, and find out if the auto transport company can accommodate you for both pickup and delivery.

Having a vehicle towed to and from the auto transport company terminal is an option. There are guidelines for pick up and delivery that involve the size and type of carrier being used to pick up and deliver your vehicle. If the location does not accommodate the carrier involved, having your vehicle towed to the auto transport company may be your only option.

Either way, your vehicle may have to be hooked up to equipment such as a winch in order to move it or ship it. There may be certain waivers or other considerations involved because of damage that may be incurred in the process. Find out how much experience the auto shipping company and the individual moving your vehicle have, prior to agreeing to the procedure.

As with shipping a car that runs, you will need to remove personal items from the vehicle and ask about how much fuel they will allow in your gas tank.

For vehicles that run, the guideline is typically 1/4 of a tank. You may need to drain your tank before having it shipped.

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